An enthusiastic creative full of new ideas! 

a cool kid with a girly touch, ready to create new things and my name is Jolien Koekoek. 

I have a gigantic love for design and creation (and cats). When you can't look at visual expressions in everyday life normally anymore, see opportunities in every font, style element or design, are inspired or would like to learn more, then you know it's your passion.

In my creative work, my strength lies in turning concepts into a visual artwork by communicating through images with a focus for details. I like to work organized and precise. With an open and curious mind, I enthusiastically contribute to a new project or collaboration. Colleagues, friends and family describe me as loyal, ambitious, disciplined, critical, involved, playful, sincere and responsible.

If I have a goal in mind I'll work as hard as necessary, until I have achieved it. If you are convinced that it can be done, it can be done! Some call it passion and ambition, others a slight obsession. I enjoy working together with others, recognizing talents and involving people in a project is important and valuable to me. "Team work, makes the dream work!"

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Chamber of Commerce 63395908 / VAT NL217061369B01

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&C issue 'Smaak', Interview Katje Schuurman [in samenwerking met Esmee Geerartz],  FGUK Magazine CRITICAL ISSUE 3.0The Light between oceans July 2017, Vulkan Magazine DRIPPING ROSE MAY 2017, Garcia Jeans lookbook AW1718 Kids, Asics via Lukkien Casting B.V. , Vara Gids 16 - Cover/interview Geraldine Kemper, KALTBLUT magazine april 2017 - WANTED AND WILD , ATLAS magazine march 2017 - BREEZE , ADAM brandstore, Lukkien Casting B.V., Amsterdam Trashure - GENTLEWO/MANDreamingless Magazine UK issue 31.4 - THE UNCROWNED QUEEN, Erkens The Mood Makers January 2016, wardrobe and set styling, Flanelle Magazine winter 2016 -  A MUSELUCY'S Magazine WEBITORIALS winter 2016 -  IN BLOOM PechaKucha Amsterdam x Artemis 2016 - Alumni exposition La fragility humaine, PAF magazine autumn 2016 -  FLOWER FREEDOMNobody Has To Know 2016 -  AgenderJAN MAGAZINE 2014/15 - Catalogus, JAN Living, Mode Rubriek, Psychologie, Vakantie JANThuis aan de Amstel 2013 - Exposition Be Different

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